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Psych Web is dedicated to students and teachers of psychology. It contains career advice for psychology majors, a review of psychology and religion as an academic discipline, and a full-length, free introductory psychology textbook.

What's New

[09/14/2018] Users are now automatically redirected from the 2007 textbook URLs to the 2017/2018 version, same material. If the topic is now in the middle of a longer page, the user is sent to the topic heading.

If you run into any difficulties or problems on the site, please send an email to Dr. Dewey at We are making many upgrades and some glitches will occur. We can eliminate the problem quickly if we know about it.

[08/30/2018] We are streamlining the site and making a few changes. Visitors who use the online textbook will be required to turn off adblockers.

Older sections of Psych Web have been moved to a new Archives section. (The URLs are preserved.) Pages of enduring value have been retained.

For example, Mike's pages include a mirror of the Heaven's Gate site. It was created by a religious cult convinced an alien spaceship was lurking behind the Hale-Bopp comet, before they committed mass suicide.

Mike and his assistants also prepared an online version of the William James text Varieties of Religious Experience. It remains online.

[07/02/2018] My son James will be taking over as the technical host of Psych Web. I will be concentrating on preparation of more textbook material.

[06/03/2017] I added a new and unusual textbook to Psych Web: the General Systems Toolkit. It is suitable for self-study, for a mini-course on complex systems, or as a supplement to a course like Cognitive Psychology (which is how I used it).

[05/05/2017] Most of the old "resource" link collections have been replaced with links to updated material in the intro book plus an invitation for students to use how to use Google Scholar. See, for example, this page on memory). The links to these pages have been removed; people will only find them through search engines or stored URLs.

Jouni Smed's Altered States archive from 1995 has been removed. Jouni was an undergrad in Finland when he assembled it. I am grateful to Jouni for letting me use his archive for 22 years. Now more up-to-date discussions on the same topics can be found in the updated intro book. For example:

[04/20/2017] I reformatted Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams so it can be read on a small screen. Freud wrote some long paragraphs (up to 15 column inches on a smartphone screen) but I did not feel I should break them up, despite the urge.

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